Lauren Sanchez: Healthy and Eco-Friendly Food Ideas to Try.

Jeff Bezos's girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, gives healthy food ideas

Lauren Sanchez believes a healthy diet is vital for good health and nutrition. Guess what? We believe it too.

A healthy diet protects you and your family against many chronic non-communicable diseases, such as heart disease, diabetes and cancer.

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Eating a variety of foods, and consuming less salt, sugars and saturated and industrially-produced trans-fats, are essential for a healthy diet.

If you are looking to include some healthy and delicious meals in your family diet, we are here to help. We have provided five of Lauren Sanchez’s easy, healthy and eco-friendly food ideas that will leave you feeling satisfied.

The billionaire Jeff Bezos’s partner, the journalist and media personality is getting quite creative in the kitchen. She has shared tips and plant-based food ideas in her climate-friendly Friday series.

These foods are here to help your family eat healthily.

Sweet potato fries: sweet potatoes have a lot of nutrients and use less water and pesticides. What’s more, they are totally easy to make and only take 25 minutes.

Sweet potatoes are nutritious, packing a good amount of vitamin A, vitamin C, and manganese into each serving. They also have anticancer properties.

Sweet Potato French fries

Seaweed popcorn: Another delicious recipe is seaweed popcorn. She said, “I was a little hesitant to try this recipe, but now I’ll be adding seaweed to the bowl every time,”.  Seaweed blends well in many dishes.

Popcorn contains fibre and antioxidants, folate and niacin which can help prevent some serious health conditions.

Seaweed popcorn

Edamame: This is a popular dish. Lauren Sanchez says  “It’s easy to make, delicious, and good for the planet,”. It contains a lot of protein, iron, magnesium, and calcium.


Hummus: Are you ready to make your hummus? Lauren says “Hummus is a delicious and simple meal you can make with only 5 ingredients”.

Hummus is a good source of fibre, along with vitamins and minerals like manganese, copper, folate, and iron.

Thanks to its impressive nutrient profile, it may help ease inflammation, promote heart health, and support blood sugar management.


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Roasted beet and butternut squash salad: This is another low-water footprint recipe for beet salad. Lauren says it’s very easy to prepare.

This salad is packed with vitamins A and C, magnesium, iron and potassium. It is also a fibre-rich vegetable and has plenty of antioxidants.

Roasted beet and butternut squash salad




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