Tom Brady is not Pushing His Kids to Play Sports

Tom Brady who retired with seven Super Bowl championships to his name is not pushing his kids into sports

Tom Brady is not like many parents. It is not uncommon for a parent to want his kids to tow the same path they followed. Tom Brady, the 7 times Super Bowl championship holder, is not kicking off his kids’ athletic careers anytime soon.

In an exclusive interview with E!, the retired NFL player said “Being a father is a great responsibility, seeing these amazing little beings coming into your life and having the opportunity to grow with them,” he shared”.

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“I’ve got three very beautiful kids that challenge me on all my different things and all different ages and likes and dislikes. They are very loving to one another.”

Tom Brady further explained that his kids are taking the sidelines when it comes to sports. He said,

“In a way, it’s very challenging for our kids to be involved with sports because there are a lot of expectations that come with that based on their parents,”.

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Then continued “I want them to grow up as unique individuals, with their unique traits that they’re going to contribute to the world in the way they see fit and certainly not how their mom or dad see it.”

Tom Brady acknowledges that DNA can pass special abilities to kids but he wants his kids to harness their unique abilities whether it’s sports or not to be anything they want. He only has to guide them in whatever they choose.

The 45-year-old who also promoted his new partnership with Hertz said, myself and their mom are raising them to be very kind and empathetic and to have a great perspective,” “Our kids are growing up in different ways than we grew up but we want to raise them with great values.”

Tom certainly takes his duty as a parent seriously. From the way he gushes about his kids to the way, he is always there to support them. One can see that the retired player is not an absentee father.

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