The Hollywood Pride Month Parade 2023: See Details

Many celebrities such as Billie Porter, and Janelle Monae were waving their rainbow flags proudly!

The Hollywood Pride Month Parade 2023: See Details
The Hollywood Pride Month Parade 2023: See Details

The Hollywood pride month parade officially kicked off on 4th June with West Hollywood. The New York Pride Parade took place yesterday, 25th June 2023.

Several celebrities in the LGBTQIA community have been giving interviews and participating in various events such as the pride parade.

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Billie Porter, Janelle Monae, and a host of others were spotted yesterday waving their rainbow flags proudly!

The allies of the community joined both the West Hollywood parade on June 4th and the New York parade on 25th June.

For example, Melissa McCarthy and Christine Quinn joined are allies of the LGBTQ+ community joined pride icons such as Tinashe and Niecy Nash-Betts for the 2023 pride month celebration.

Also, Pride Icon Lance Bass, in his interview with KTLA’s Pride broadcast, on June 4 discussed what pride month means to him.

He said, “There are many things I think of with pride. One, a celebration of who we are, how far we’ve come [and] honoring the ones that came before us so we can do this,”

Lance Bass is the husband of Michael Turchins. The celebrity couple has been married since 2014.

He continued, “But the temperature right now for the LGBTQIA community right now is very hostile.

So pride is a protest. It started as a protest and it’s still a protest. So, as you see, there’s a lot of people standing up for what is right and protesting for what they believe in.”

Melissa McCarthy was honored as an “ally icon” during the WeHo event of the 4th of June parade.

Likewise, Quinn, a former star of Netflix’s Selling Sunset, shared a special message on Twitter before riding in the California parade.

“A phoenix rising from the ashes of hate, a vibrant rainbow after the storm of intolerance. Shedding our masks, unveiling our souls resplendent in their true colors.

An echo of freedom disrupting centuries of silence,”. “Today, we’re seen and celebrated. Today, our masks are off, our love is loud.

A performance adorned with the nuances of who we wish to be, who we are, and the distance between. After all, isn’t everything we all do just a form of drag?

Quinn was not the only reality star at the June 4 event. Real Housewives of Beverly Hills stars and besties Garcell Buaevais and Sutton Stacke carried matching rainbow fans while being driven in a Sutton Concept convertible.

While the West Hollywood 2023 parade is the first major star-studded pride parade in the U.S., the celebrations continued throughout the summer.

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New Orleans and Los Angeles were scheduled for the second weekend of June while Chicago and Portland were on the third weekend of June.

New York City Pride celebrations took place yesterday and Nashville will take place on Saturday.

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