Sofia Richie Launches Her Wedding-Inspired Brides Brand

“Quiet luxury, the term, it sounds really nice, so I’m not knocking it.”

Sofia Richie Launches Her Wedding-Inspired Brides Brand-TSZ NEWZ
Sofia Richie Launches Her Wedding-Inspired Brides Brand


Sofia Richie is a style icon, whose style is copied now and then. This Wednesday in a new interview with Who What Wear, she announced she is starting a new brides line inspired by her ceremony.

The icon tied the knot in a lavish and quiet luxury look that is part of the 2023 best weddings. “The aesthetic is very my vibe,” the 24-year-old model told the magazine.

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 Sofia Richie Launches Her Wedding-Inspired Clothing Brand

“I made sure, trying on every single sample, that it embodies the aesthetic that I’ve been wearing. It’s 100% me,” Richie said.  She also added that Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis is her fashion muse.

Sofia Richie also gets fashion inspiration from her older sister, Nicole Richie, 41.I’ve watched Nicole design for years with House of Harlow, and it has definitely been inspiring for me,” she said of her sister’s clothing line.

“I’ve taken notes, and I’ve learned a lot. We don’t need to be people that just throw our names on things. We can be passionate and be involved.”

In the interview, Richie also revealed that she is “co-designing” the line with a “brilliant” woman, Cass, adding that “it was kind of the same vibe” as when she began planning her wedding ensembles.

“I had Cass come to my house, and we sat in my backyard in sweatpants,” she continued to  Who What Wear. “We started with things in life that inspire us. For me, it was art and music. We built this whole story based on things that inspire us.”

As stated above, the icon is largely known, for her  “quiet luxury” vibe,  but Richie mentioned that for her, she is actually not going for that when it comes to her outfits.

“Quiet luxury, the term, it sounds really nice, so I’m not knocking it,” she told the mag. “But [my stylist] Liat Baruch and I started working together properly about three and a half years ago, and when we met, our word was ‘timeless.’”

“I feel powerful in what I wear,” the newlywed added. “I really tuned into myself and asked, What am I wearing when I feel my most powerful self? And that was in more sophisticated, timeless attire,” Richie said.

She also told Who What Wear how Chanel designed her three custom-made looks, including the halter-neck gown she wore for the ceremony.

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“It was honestly one of the most amazing, fascinating experiences of my entire life,” she said of the design process, which entailed “nine months and seven flights to Paris.” Richie said, she only wants her new clothing to do one thing.

“I want whoever buys it to feel good in it,” she said. “I hope that people connect with it. I hope people love it.”

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