Saweetie Flashes Boobs In Futuristic Dress For Photo Shoot

'I love this lil swoop on my face,' she captioned the second post shared on Wednesday.

Saweetie Flashes Boobs In Futuristic Dress For Photo Shoot-TSZ NEWZ
Saweetie Flashes Boobs In Futuristic Dress For Photo Shoot

Saweetie turns heads over her outfit behind the scene of a recent photo shoot. The blue shade number looks both mysterious and sexy at the same time.

And the rapper donned the perfect swoop hairstyle for the fit. The model rocked the largest and most eye-alluring came down over the middle of her forehead, swirling just over her right eyebrow.

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The images shared on Instagram showed a smaller second one stopping just an inch over her left eye and brow. Saweetie had other small thick swoops over each of her ears that swirled back in opposite directions, giving off the appearance of figure eight.

Let’s stop for a second and go over the details of the dress. The futuristic dress featured a plunging neckline giving a hint of her cleavage with an opening that started a few inches over her breasts.

Saweetie also flashed her boobs in the dress courtesy of its cropped design which also highlighted her toned midriff, sides and back. For her accessories, she added a pair of dangling blinged-out earrings that hung down near her shoulders.

She completed the look with a pair of open-toed heels. However, the major attraction to the star’s look is her hair swoops as the main stylistic touch for the shoot.

Another image shared showed her donning a tight bun for a pose in a plunging negligent. In that slide, Saweetie turned to her side for a close-up photo and then puckered up her lips for a picture of her from the waist on up.

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The model also sported some statement nails which she adorned with different rings, writing ‘details,’ at the bottom of the image.

Saweetie also tried to get some highlights for her hair. She posted a photo collage of the different angles of her hair. Apparently, the new hairstyle is a nod to her earlier years.

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