Prioritizing Your Pleasure: The Keys TO A Fulfilling Sex Life As A Single Woman

And until you get hitched again, feel free to have mind-blowing sex by yourself and for yourself.

Prioritizing Your Pleasure: The Keys TO A Fulfilling Sex Life As A Single Woman

Prioritizing your pleasure is a vital component of self-care. It is about time everyone understands that great sex is not a luxury, it is vital.

Great sex is quite relative. It can be you and your partner or partners. But if you are single, it is time you learn how to give yourself pleasure.

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We can all agree that keeping multiple sexual partners is not pro-health. So dust your bags and buy that sex toys.

And until you get hitched again, feel free to have mind-blowing sex by yourself and for yourself.

We are not saying you shouldn’t date but regardless of relationship status, everyone is having mind-blowing sex. And that starts with you.

We learned from Pleasure Princess that sex starts with understanding what pleases you. And that it can take a little personal practice.

You can have consensual sex as a single person with anyone. But many people wouldn’t want to sleep with just as many until the right person comes.

Or you might even waste valuable energy trying to fulfill your sexual needs with a partner instead of focusing on yourself.

When you focus on yourself, you learn what rocks your body and what doesn’t.

As our teacher will say, great sex starts with understanding what pleases you, and sometimes that takes a little personal practice, personal play, and solo sex.

You have probably faked an orgasm because you wanted to please your partner. If it’s fake, you are not getting what you need.

cultural representations have taught us to think more about how sex looks instead of how it feels.

Sex is then largely performative, and we become spectators to our sexual encounters.

This is where solo sex can work wonders. Masturbation helps you to understand the extent of your body’s capacity for pleasure.

In solo sex, you don’t have to fake anything, be anxious, or be conscious of yourself. Instead, you get to focus on yourself. What touch, sensation, sounds, and positions please you? 

Solo sex is a zero-judgment space. You can explore different erogenous zones on the body, igniting pleasure pathways you didn’t know existed.

And every day can be different. Maybe one day you enjoy temperature play, the next day a vibrator, and the other an arousal serum like Play Primer that can intensify stimulation.

But sex is not only about the physical.

To have great sex, you have to seduce and teach your mind to respond similarly to the feelings your body gets when someone you are hot for desires you.

A key way to achieve this taking yourself out on a date, admiring your body in a mirror, affirming your beauty, watching porn, or even building fantasies.

You can visualize someone doing this to you. Do for yourself what you wish a partner could, but do it 10 times better!

You become powerful when you engage in solo sex. You are telling the world, but more importantly, yourself, that you matter and there is space for you, your body, and your mind.

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Pleasure often found and felt is transformational, uncovering self-awareness and confidence that carries over into other parts of your life.

Don’t hide the pleasure you take in yourself. You deserve great sex, especially when you are single, and it’s time to stand up for your pleasure. 

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