Michael B. Jordan Loves Showing His Hard Abs In Movies

In fact, we enjoyed his role in “A Journal for Jordan” and the recent one as Adonis Creed in Creed III.

Michael B. Jordan Loves Showing His Hard Abs In Movies-TSZ NEWZ
Michael B. Jordan Loves Showing His Hard Abs In Movies

Michael B. Jordan is one hell of a hunk and the object of many women’s erotic night dreams. Guess what! The star knows it and He is not shy to fill our minds with his maleness.

In fact, he loves to beguile us with his thirst traps whether in movies or ad campaigns. For instance, Jordan sent many women spiraling in February with his feature in the Calvin Klein ad campaign.

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Michael B. Jordan was the star of the shoot for the Calvin Klein spring/summer 2023 ad. The sexy black-and-white photos showed him flexing his abs with nothing else save for the brand’s briefs.

Calvin Klein captioned the sultry photos, “Should we drop more?” The pictures were met with excitement as more fans took to the comments section to lust over the thirstraps.

One female fan wrote,” You guys needed to give us a warning this was gonna drop so early in the morning.”

Another said, “The whole folder please.” While a third added: “Stop posting my husband naked like that! Our kids can see this.” 

This was before his recent interview with Hollywood Reporter published on July 17th. Per Hollywood reporter, Jordan enjoys filming shirtless scenes.

Filming shirtless means we get to see his abs on the screen even if we can’t touch them. If you ask us, that’s a win-win. According to him, “We’re only going to be at this age once, to be physical and take my shirt off.”

“I’m in my physical prime right now at this moment,” Jordan continued. “So, I have been like, ‘Yeah, we’re gonna milk this.” Not only that, he feels he wants to do more apart from showing his abs.

“Lately, I’ve started to think about and daydream about the future and what roles and what direction I want to go in, so there have been moments where I want to throw on a suit rather than a tank top.” 

“[I’ve thought] maybe [I should] go for a shirt over a fitted tank, you know what I mean?” 

Then continued to Hollywood Reporter, “My team and I have done a really great job at strategically figuring out when is good to be sexy or when it’s really cool to just chill and put on some sweats and a T-shirt.”

As expected of an actor, Jordan wants to be versatile in his roles. So far, the technique he has with his team is working quite well. He has been able to create a balance between being a sexy star and a more serious act.

In fact, we enjoyed his role in “A Journal for Jordan” and the recent one as Adonis Creed in Creed III, which premiered in March. In the former, Jordan is a soldier who plays a very complicated role.

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The Latter “Creed” showed him flexing muscles as he trained to take on his childhood friend and nemesis Damian Anderson (Jonathan Majors) in the ring. 

The fans were quite excited for the movie. But he had some reservations “I was like, ‘My mama gonna have to see this. Let me call her and be like, I’m sorry. It’s out there,” Jordan told ET Canada at the premiere.

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