Kim Kardashian Reveals She Is Not Ready To Talk To Her Kids About Her Feelings For Kanye West

"If it's something concerning my kids' dad and I'm upset, I try not to show as much emotion,"

Kim Kardashian Critics Share Clues That She Misses Kanye West Following His Marriage To Bianca Censori-TSZ NEWZ
Kim Kardashian Critics Share Clues That She Misses Kanye West Following His Marriage To Bianca Censori

Kim Kardashian has never spoken of how she truly felt about her ex-husband, Kanye West. Since their highly publicized divorce, the SKIM’s founder has not openly expressed her opinions.

Kanye West on the hand, has not seized to share his unsavory criticisms of Kim and her family. Also how she chooses to raise their kids and her choice of boyfriends.

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Kim Kardashian has now revealed that she tries “not to show as much emotion” around her kids North, Saint, Chicago, and Psalm whenever she’s upset with her ex-husband Kanye West.

Kim told Vogue Italia in an interview published on June 26th, “If it’s something concerning my kids’ dad and I’m upset, I try not to show as much emotion,”

“I have to be ready to explain why I’m upset and it might not be appropriate for them to know. There’s nothing worse than ‘You’ll understand when you’re older.’ I don’t want to be that person.”

However, Kim Kardashian is open to showing her emotions in other parts of her life

“But if I’m upset about other things that they can understand, I absolutely will show emotion and cry,” she continued.”

“On Christmas morning, I cried when my mom gave me a doll house. My kids didn’t understand why and I explained I had that at my dad’s house as a little girl.”

Kim also doesn’t want to lie to her fans. She expressed the need for wanting to be authentic with her fans through the good and the bad.

“On social media, I’ll always post the sassy photo or the cutest shot, but I’ll make sure to include one where my kids might not be getting along that well because I think it’s really important to understand that too,”.

“I look at a lot of my friends and their kids are perfect and I don’t know how to do it and I don’t understand it and I’m envious and it’s amazing all at the same time.”

While wanting to be authentic to fans, Kim understands it is important to maintain peace so fans won’t be getting any details on what’s happening with Kanye.

Since the split, Kim has been hesitant to make public comments on the rapper, his online tirades and his slew of controversies.

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“I don’t know what to do,” Kim said during the May 25 episode of The Kardashians. “I don’t want to be a part of this narrative.”

The 42-year-old just wants to maintain the peace between her and her ex. “It’s always just so intense,” she shared in a confessional. “I just don’t want to engage in a public feud with him.”

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