Kendall Jenner Shares Future Plans About Having Kids

“I’m excited for that time in my life,” she says.”

Kendall Jenner Shares Future Plans About Having Kids-TSZ NEWS
Kendall Jenner Shares Future Plans About Having Kids

Kendall Jenner is the only daughter of the Karjenner Clan without a kid. The model has now revealed she’s looking forward to motherhood.

However, she said she is leaving Los Angeles once she takes in because she plans to raise her kid away from L.A. when the time comes.

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When it comes to her family, Kendall believes she is the odd one out. For example, Kourtney is pregnant with her 4th  child. Kim has four kids while Khloe and Kylie are raising two kids each.

Rob Kardashian shares a daughter with Angela White. Kendall Jenner is now expected to join the bandwagon in having kids.

In an interview with WSJ. Magazine the model revealed the possibility of having children. I’m excited for that time in my life,” she says.”

But she is not in a rush to start a family. “I just know [that time is] not right now.” Kendall Jenner has recently been linked to dating Bad Bunny.

The model has not commented on that but she is enjoying going on dates and not considering having a kid yet. But when she does decide to have kids, she won’t start her family in Los Angeles.

she told WSJ. Magazine about moving out of L.A. when she is pregnant. Kendall also opened up about being the odd one who enjoys her privacy in the KarJenner clan.

“Since I was young, I felt out of place in my family,” she told WSJ. Magazine, adding that she’s not being critical of her family (and that she speaks with them daily.)

“I was born into this life, but I didn’t choose this life. I’m not built for this by any means. I’m not good at it. I do it, and I’ve learned how to do it.”

The life she is referring to is being famous for being famous. Also, Keeping Up with the Kardashians (and the new series, The Kardashians) is making Kendall and her family more popular.

“I consider myself one of the luckiest people on the planet to be able to live the life that I live,” she says about her family’s fame. “But I do think that it’s challenging for me a lot more than it’s not.”

“[Kim’s] like, ‘I used to go to Kitson on Robertson just to get photographed….’ I think she was built for [this life],” Kendall said about the family’s relationship with the paparazzi.

Kendall revealed that she would scream at the photogs at a younger age right as KUWTK (and all the spinoffs) were taking off. And that It took her almost 20 years to cope. 

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Kendall is not sad about her life but she feels put out by the constant attention on her love life. “People are more mean to my family in general,” she says

They take everything and make it a bad thing,” she adds. Kendall believes she is more of Caitlyn Jenner than the Kardashians.

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