Katy Perry Debuts Short Bangs In New Video

The bangs were short and wispy, barely covering her forehead.

Katy Perry Debuts Short Bangs In New Video-TSZ NEWS
Katy Perry Debuts Short Bangs In New Video

Katy Perry has new bangs! The singer was on the set of a photo shoot for the fall collection of her Katy Perry Collection shoe line and posted a behind-the-scenes look on Instagram.

In the video clip, Katy had a new hairstyle. The video featured shoes from her brand but then she turned the camera toward herself for a few moments and revealed that she had a new hairstyle for the shoot.

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Katy Perry was still rocking normal her hair in the video, but with a few noticeable new bangs, which is a style we haven’t seen her wear in quite a bit.

Kathy Perry’s new bangs

The bangs were short and wispy, barely covering her forehead. At one point, Katy lifted a hand to straighten out the bangs, as it seemed she still wasn’t quite used to them just yet.

Katy recently wrapped up her sixth season of American Idol as a judge alongside Luke Bryan and Lionel Richie.

The show’s 22nd season has been confirmed for 2024, but the judges’ panel for the upcoming season has not been selected.

As wanted in competitions, Katy had given a few reviews that the viewers tagged “harsh”.

The singer received some backlash from viewers for some of her comments to the contestants.

It was quite terrible that co-judge Luke had to defend her in an interview about the situation.

He pointed out that Katy’s been dealing with people being “too hard” on her for her entire career. “As judges, you know, we kinda fall on the sword a lot of times,” he concluded,

“and get set up to where people can get very vocal on socials and stuff.” He also insisted that he, Lionel and Katy are all doing the “best [they] can” on the show.

Earlier this month, Katy appeared in an ad for De Soi, and she had her hair pulled back into an updo with bangs framing her face.

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At that point, though, the bangs were a lot longer and thinner, whereas they were shortened for the Katy Perry Collection shoot.

Of course, Katy has often changed up her hairstyles over the years, so seeing her look differently is nothing unusual for the pop star.

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