Jennifer McCarthy Shares Weight Loss Journey

“ I was like, ‘God, for all the work that I’m putting into working out and trying so hard to not have that go away, was frustrating and taking a toll.”

Jennifer McCarthy has lost weight. According to the actress, her weight loss journey was never about how much she weighs on a scale. The 50-year-old actress recently underwent an AirSculpt on her waist and AirSculpt+ on her abdomen to remove fat and instantly tighten her skin.

The fat transfer procedure was all to reduce the effects of ageing. While she admits she has never owned a scale since her 20s, she told US Weekly, “[It’s] 100 per cent not about the weight., I don’t even own a scale,” 

She continued “I haven’t owned a scale since my 20s because muscle weighs more than fat.”. For the 50-year-old, she must remove excess fat from some parts of her body. As she said “It was about targeting a certain area.

She claimed that she is fit, and she works out two hours a day. But her problem is the fat that accumulated in her abdomen. She said, “So for me to have this annoying thing when I would sit down or like that my pants wouldn’t fit or there’s a little cheese when I slouch over.

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“I was like, ‘God, for all the work that I’m putting into working out and trying so hard to not have that go away, was frustrating and taking a toll.’ I almost wanted to give up. I’m like, ‘Forget it.

“Why am I even going to the gym?” So when I saw that this was a solution and how easy of a procedure it was to do, I was like, ‘Sign me up!’”

Apart from AirSculpt and AirScuplt +, there are other options for losing weight. One is popularly known as Ozempic which has recently become an issue in terms of diet trends.

Ozempic was designed to help diabetic and obese patients manage their weight and maybe to shed a few pounds. But celebrities have jumped on the train using it to lose weight.

Healthcare professionals have warned that weight loss does not stick when they stop taking the medication.

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Unlike the celebrities using Ozempic, Jennifer McCarthy, says she is not using the now-controversial drug to lose weight. But that she will never blame those using the drugs.

“You know what, I think whatever suits someone’s needs. If you fall into the category where you think it’s right for you, I am not gonna shame you. I’ll support anything people want to do,”.

“For me in particular, I knew that it was not permanent, I knew that a lot of people that go off of it, regain their weight. And for me, I was like, ‘No, if I’m going to do something and I’ve done all the work I could [and] I’ve exhausted every other avenue in terms of fitness and nutrition.’

“AirSculpt seemed like the best solution and it still does to me to have that permanently removed makes sense to me.”

After her airSculpt procedure, Jennifer McCarthy and her husband, were pleased by the results. “He was blown away. You know because we’ve all tried things, including Donnie. And so when I came back and he saw immediate results, he was like, ‘Jenny, this is amazing,’”.

The actress said “Every single day he says something to me. He’s like, ‘Listen, I loved you before. I love you after. I love you every day.’ But he’s enjoying that I’ve got this, like, sculpted curve now.”

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