Florence Pugh Reveals Details About Her Shaved Buzzcut Hairstyle

“I feel like I’m allowed to do ugly faces like it’s more acceptable.”

Florence Pugh Reveals Details About Her Shaved Buzzcut Hairstyle-TSZ NEWZ
Florence Pugh Reveals Details About Her Shaved Buzzcut Hairstyle

Florence Pugh debuted her shaved buzzcut hairstyle at the 2023 Met Gala in May. Barely two months later, she is revealing the reason behind her new hairstyle.

While several stars are touching up their hair to fit the summer season, Pugh’s reason is far from that. In a recent interview with Radio Times, she revealed her reasons.

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“I purposely chose to look like that,” “I wanted vanity out of the picture. Hollywood is very glamourous, especially for women and it’s hard for an audience to see past that,” Pugh told Radio Times.

Florence Pugh is explicit that she has learned how to take advantage of situations where she doesn’t need to have full-blown makeup. Stating that she prefers it that way to help the audience and remove vanity.

In her words,” It helps the audience,” Pugh continued. “Vanity is gone. The only thing that people can look at then is your raw face.”

Then continued, “Even at the beginning of my career, I was always fighting to control my image.”

“It helps me when I’m wearing less makeup because then I’m less of a sparkly thing on screen. I feel like I’m allowed to do ugly faces like it’s more acceptable.”

As stated above, Florence Pugh debuted her shaved hair at the 2023 Met Gala. Originally, the style was for her new movie “We Live in Time.”

In response to the new look, she said, “It’s unbelievable,” I thought what is a better way to release [this hairstyle] to the world than at the Met. I’ve been keeping it under wraps for about three weeks now. It makes everything perfect.”

And it is perfect for Pugh who has always towed the indivudualistic trend when it comes to fashion. She reportedly stepped out in high Valentino fashion trends before she became the brand’s ambassador.

For example, she freed the nipple in a sheer Valentino pink number in 2022. A look that generated both awe and repulsion. But the star remained unperturbed.

Instead, she stepped out again, in a sheer lavender number for Paris Fashion Week from Valentino.

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Speaking about the pink dress backlash and the star’s response, Valentino creative director Pierpaolo Piccioli told The New York Times that he marvels at the way Pugh dealt with the backlash.

He said, “Florence was just asking for respect about a choice, which is exactly what I’m saying when I do my collection.”

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