Chrissy Teigen Embraces Her Post-Partum Body

The outwear is a $6,590 cashmere coat from luxury label The Row that is now sold out. 

Chrissy Teigen Embraces Her Post-Partum Body-TSZ NEWS
Chrissy Teigen Embraces Her Post-Partum Body

Chrissy Teigen was spotted shopping at the Tom Ford store in Beverly Hills Sunday. She was photographed wearing a  sports bra, matching leggings, APL sneakers ($220), and a velvet baseball cap.

The look had appeared minimal but there was nothing casual about her choice of outerwear. The outwear is a $6,590 cashmere coat from luxury label The Row that is now sold out. 

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Chrissy Teigen
Chrissy Teigen

Teigan had left her incredibly handsome husband John Legend and kids Luna, 7, Miles, 5, and Esti, 5 months at home she ran errands in her dressed-up workout wear.

Chrissy Teigen gave birth to her third baby on January 13, an experience that greatly changed her body. But, she has chosen to embrace her body as she flaunts it any chance she gets.

First, Teigen posted a photo of herself bathing nude with her daughter — a reminder to herself that there are more important things in the world than how her body looks.

“a boob that somehow hangs all along my side and deep purple lifetime scars but you are too perfect to worry about any of it !” she captioned the sweet image.

In addition, Chrissy Teigan has recently capped back at an online troll who accused her of getting facial fillers. 

The troll had claimed that her “new face” was from “the possible consequences … [of] overfill,”.

Chrissy Teigen them a “piece of s—t” for making false accusations.

“‘No mean intentions?’” the “Cravings,” author asked, referencing the shady social media upload’s caption. “But [you’re] saying this could be your face if you do it wrong?”

She explained that the reason her face may look different is because she “gained weight” — as normal humans do.

Still, online trolls won’t stop Teigen from looking drop dead gorgeous as she did in that Sunday outfit.

In solidarity with the model, many fans praised Teigen for “normalizing” the reality of postpartum bodies.

“‘Life scars’ of a beautiful woman and mother.

It’s proof that we are strong and brave and good! Wear them all proudly,” one follower commented.

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“Our changing bodies remind us of the life we created. It reminds us of all we have,” another shared.

“Love this and you for being real,” a third wrote. “We all need to share this.”

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