Celebrity Styles You Can Recreate This Coming Week

We may not be able to shop their exact ensembles but the true magic is in us being able to infuse this inspiration into our style

Celebrity Styles You Can Recreate This Coming Week - TSZ US
Celebrity Styles You Can Recreate This Coming Week.

Celebrity styles can be easy to replicate depending on the unique style. Many celebrities make bold fashion choices while others take the minimalist approach.

Still, Celebrities are fashion inspirations for many. We may not be able to shop their exact ensembles but the true magic is in us being able to infuse this inspiration into our style.

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This can help us not only draw inspiration from celebrities but also embark on a style journey to find a style that’s uniquely ours.

Our interpretations of celebrity styles have the power to reflect who we are and the stories we wish to tell the world.

The garments we choose, the colors we embrace, and the combinations we create become a medium through which we communicate our essence to the world.

In simpler terms, choose one of these fabulous celebrity styles and make it your own this coming week.

Here is our favorite celebrity looks to inspire you to slay effortlessly…

Shakira’s Hot Print: The fun look featured a multi-colored butterfly patterned print shirt that she stylishly wore over a matching bralette. She then paired it with a white mini-skirt and a pair of peach sneakers.

Shakira’s hot print

Now think about this, white mini skirts and sneakers are everywhere and the print shirts are an easy find. Why don’t you recreate this look and slay the coming week?

Goddess Maxi: Do you have a birthday event coming along? Why don’t you recreate this Hailee Steinfeld Blumarine dress?

The Blumarine dress

The Blumarine is a long-sleeved floor-length sheer dress with a deep neckline that accentuated her frame. Don’t forget to throw on layers of necklaces to up the fun factor.

Leather Fab: A woman in leather? A gorgeous sight to see. Leather exudes power and trust Kerry Washington to look so powerful in this light leather Fendi ensemble.

A powerful woman in leather

Well, summer looms but trust LA to still hold on to the cold. If you are in LA, we recommend this ankle-length number, sturdy black boots, and a white handbag trio to bring the heat with zero chills.

Turn up for a night out, a wine-tasting event, or a karaoke night with the girls with this look.

Peachy structures: How about turning up with this look for a cocktail party? It certainly ticks our boxes for comfort. This Simone Ashley in Versace reeks of class.

The comfort dress

The structured mini number with long sleeves and puffed shoulders is the look that doesn’t compromise your comfort. What’s more, a similar dress is an easy find.

Sheer hotness: Trust me, Sabrina Elba will always body a solid neutral-toned bodycon dress. This number features a long sleeve sheer skin-tight ankle-length dress with a mock neck and pleated design at the center of the dress.


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Certainly, a replica of this number is an easy find. Rock this look for a night out with the girls or a dinner with someone special.

Did you find these pieces interesting? Can you replicate any of them? If you do, please send us a picture of your gorgeousness.

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