Billie Eilish Says Online Body-Shaming Has Been “Rough”

"I've had a rough time, TBH, and I'm still figuring it out."

Billie Eilish Says Online Body-Shaming Has Been
Billie Eilish Says Online Body-Shaming Has Been "Rough"

Billie Eilish like many celebrities has had their fair share of body shaming throughout their career. The Grammy award winner says “Stop commenting on her body, thank you very much.”

Billie Eilish recently opened up about receiving negative comments about her appearance over the years: “I’ve had a rough time, TBH, and I’m still figuring it out.”

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She shared that the negative comments had taken its toll on her mental health after years of being body shamed and criticized over her looks.

In a published interview by Vogue, on 20th June, she said “It’s tough, man.” “Honestly, nobody can say anything about my body that I don’t have a stronger opinion about […]

I also think that if I was younger, like if the internet talked about me the way they do now when I was like 11, I don’t think I would be able to exist, to be honest.”

Billie explicitly stated that she is now comfortable in her skin compared to before. Recall that she was spotted in a colored bikini in early June.

“I like myself more than I used to,” Billie continued, “and I’m more interested in how I feel than how they feel. But then also that might be a load of bulls–t because it still hurts my feelings like a sonabitch.”

However, Billie Eilish felt it was not fair to be judged when she was still figuring out her style. Especially since she spent most of her life being very masculine and boyish.

Now, she is trying to get in touch with her feminine and sexy self. That’s why she is experimenting more with her fashion to play up other aspects of her personality.

Billie admits it’s sometimes hard to shake off the negative comments but she sets aside self-care time to pamper herself and block out negativity.

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“I like to take baths,” the musician shared. “Honestly, I play a lot of games on my phone, and it makes me feel really good.

But it’s really hard, you know? I’ve had a rough time, TBH, and I’m still figuring it out. But it’s a weird life; I’ll say that.”




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