Celebrity Bridesmaids Of All Times In Hollywood

Yet, families and friends have found ways to bring celebrity friends and relatives to be part of their big day.

Celebrity Bridesmaids Of All Times In Hollywood-TSZ NEWS
Celebrity Bridesmaids Of All Times In Hollywood

Celebrity bridesmaids are usually rare to see but the rich and famous including family members get to see them all the time.

The famous people of Hollywood have families and friends who rope them into bridesmaids’ duties now and then.

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Well, summer is here. It is the season to wear pastels and make out with a groomsman. But of course, several of our favorites may be part of a Bridezilla gang.

Being a part of the Bridezilla gang as the wedding day approaches is strenuous.

The making of time, expenses, 11th-hour calming of the nerves and smiling through all that standing may prove to be difficult for any celebrity.

Yet, families and friends have found ways to bring celebrity friends and relatives to be part of their big day.

Many celebrities such as Taylor Swift, Jessica Simpson, Victoria Beckham and Sarah Jessica Parker have stood beside a bride on her big day.

Whether it was a celebrity-studded affair or a low-key ceremony. However, the photos of such occasions don’t always go viral because it’s someone else’s wedding.

Still, we have compiled a list of celebrities caught in the act of being a member of a bridal party. Take a look at the many celebrity bridesmaids who’ve been spotted on the aisle:

Vanessa Hudgens: The actor was part of Sarah Hylan‘s bridesmaids’ gang when she tied the knot with Wells Adams in August 2022.

Karlie Kloss: The celebrity fitted a bridesmaid gig into her schedule during a 2021 trip to her hometown of St. Louis.

Taylor Swift: Taylor Swift was a bridesmaid to her longtime friend Abigail Anderson who married Matt Lucier in September 2017. Both. Sadly, the couple divorced in 2022.

Paris Hilton: She is one of the celebrities who became a bridesmaid in 2015. Not just that, she was the proud maid of honor.

Lady Gaga: The first posted a slew of ample bachelorette party pictures. She then wowed in lavender at her best friend’s New Orleans wedding in March 2015.

Olivia Culpo: The celebrity is now engaged to NFL Christian McCaffrey. She served as maid of honor for friend Daria Valles in July 2022.

Victoria Beckham: The celebrity designer who loves heels designed Eva Longoria’s wedding dress when she married Jose Cast on. She was also a bridesmaid.

Mary-Kate & Ashley Olsen: The twins blended in with the neutral beachy palette on their godmother’s big day in Los Cabos back in 2007. 

Bryce Dallas Howard: Director dad Ron Howard officiated when Bryce’s sister Paige Howard wed singer Tim Abou-Nasr in Central Park in May 2022.

Selena Gomez: Multi-talented celebrity Selena was a maid of honor at her cousin Priscilla DeLeaon’s wedding in July 2019.

Kirsten Dunst: The veteran actress slayed her bridesmaid dresses her best friend Cindy McGee’s 2017 nuptials.

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Hailey Baldwin and Ireland Baldwin: Hailey Baldwin now married to celebrity superstar Justin served as maid of honor at sister Alaia Baldwin’s wedding. Her cousin Ireland was also among the bridesmaids.

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