Kylie And Kendall Jenner Roasted By Fans For Copying’ Sofia Richie’s ‘Old Money’ Style

The Jenner sisters have left their skimpy bikinis and skin-baring dresses for more elegant ensembles lately.

Kylie And Kendall Jenner Roasted By Fans For Copying’ Sofia Richie’s ‘Old Money’ Style-TSZ NEWS
Kylie And Kendall Jenner Roasted By Fans For Copying’ Sofia Richie’s ‘Old Money’ Style

Kendall and Kylie Jenner are style icons from the famous Kar-Jenner clan. But fans think that the Jenner sisters are now copying another icon’s style.

While we think that styles are meant to be replicated over and over again, the Jenner sisters are touted to be icons known for their original styles.

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Kendall and Kylie Jenner are now opting for “old money” style inspiration after Sofia Richie’s sophisticated style. The style became popular during her wedding with Elliot Grainge in April.

The Jenner sisters have been known to favor skimpy bikinis and skin showing dresses. Lately, they have gone for more elegant ensembles and the shift didn’t go unnoticed on social media.

We don’t think this is true considering that Kylie recently posted a red sultry bikini look on Instagram. But social media disagrees.

For example, Kendall’s stylist, Dani Michelle, posted an Instagram photo of her wearing a white fit-and-flare Alaïa frock with a ladylike headband and Hermès Kelly bag in Paris Monday.

Kendall Jenner

A follower said, “Lmaoooo not Kendall trying to jump on the ‘old money Sofia Richie aesthetic’ all of sudden after posting thirst traps all week lol,”. “Sofia style,” another person agreed.

The comparisons continued when Michelle shared a TikTok of Kendall showing off a gray midi ($3,900) and a lemon yellow sequined style ($6,700), both from “stealth wealth” label Bottega Veneta.

“@sofiarichiegrainge such an inspiration,” one person commented, with another replying, “Exactly.”

The younger of the Jenner sisters Kylie, has also been blasted for copying Sofia after wearing similar styles on her trip to the City of Light last month.

The 25-year-old makeup mogul shared shots of herself lounging in bed in a crisp white Alaïa maxi dress ($2,600), a follower wrote, “Copying Sophia [sic] Richie these days….”

Kylie in “The Old Money” makeover

Other top comments included, “Sophia [sic] Richie DOES it better,” “Richie vibes” and “Have some originality. Lol. Shamelessly copying other’s [sic] style.”

Sofia Richie

Other snaps from her European getaway that showcased her other elegant outfits such as the hooded Ferragamo mini and a black Bottega Veneta halter dress. Both also met the same criticisms.

Kylie Jenner in a black Bottega halter dress

One comment read “She thinks she is SOFIA now.”Another said, “Classy outfits on a trashy person just ruin the whole look. Sophia [sic] does it right.”

Sofia Richie, 24, was a close friend of the Kardashians and the Jenner sisters before she tied the knit and became a Gen Z style icon. She even dated Kourtney’s ex Scott Disick for nearly three years.

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However, the Jenner sisters and the entire Kardashian sisters were not invited to her wedding.

Do you think the Jenner sisters deserve the insults for copying Sofia’s style? Or do you think everyone can copy any style at any time? Tell us your views “lets Talk”


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