Kim Kardashian As Siobhan Corbyn Is All About Sex In A Raunchy New Episode Of American Horror Story: Delicate

'There's much better footage of Kim Kardashian having sex on the internet. Just ask Ray J!'

Kim Kardashian As Siobhan Corbyn Is All About Sex In A Raunchy New Episode Of American Horror Story: Delicate-TSZ NEWZ

Kim Kardashian as Siobhan Corbyn was all about sex in a new raunchy episode of FX’s American Horror Story: Delicate on Wednesday, playing the role of publicist Siobhan Corbyn. The reality TV star perfectly bodied the role of the cutthroat publicist.

The Skims founder played Siobhan Corbyn for actress Anna Victoria Alcott, played by Emma Roberts. Other actors in the American Horror Story: Delicate include Anna Roberts as Anna Victoria Alcott; and Matt Czuchry as Dexter Harding Jr.; Annabelle Dexter-Jones as Sonia Shawcross; Michaela Jaé Rodriguez as Nicolette; and Cara Delevigne playing the role of Ivy.

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In the first scene of the raunchy episode, her character Siobhan is in her office and Anna comes in for a meeting with her and a pair of crisis PR experts nicknamed ‘The Ashleys,’ played by Billie Lourd and Leslie Grossman. Siobhan said that ‘Ashley and Ashleigh are the top crisis PR experts in the country,’ to which Anna replied, ‘Crisis PR? I mean, are you, are you sure I need that?’

Kim as Siobhan said in response, ‘Is that a serious question? Babe, your Q rating is in the toilet.’ Siobhan said that time was of the essence, as award season was approaching, a pivotal time for the surging actress in her career. ‘The Golden Globe nominations are right around the corner, and we need to rehab your image ASAP,’ Siobhan told Anna.

Siobhan explained to Anna in detail how the PR experts they were essential in rehabbing the images of celebrities embroiled in scandal. ‘These ladies have ripped Demi Lovato, Louis C.K., Will and Jada, Alec and Hilaria, Paula Deen, Vanessa Lachey and Meryl Streep,’ she said. Anna said, ‘What did Meryl do?’ to which one of the experts said, ‘Exactly.’

A second scene featured Kim Kardashian Siobhan at the end of steamy sex with filmmaker Hamish Moss, played by Dominic Burgess, in which her character used graphic language. ‘Incredibly, you c** even faster the more often we f***,’ she told Hamish, who replied, ‘Well, that’s your fault – you’re amazing.’

Siobhan said, ‘I know … you remember our agreement, right?’ to which Hamish said, ‘Never tell Anna about this … but why, darling?’ Hamish told Siobhan, ‘I love you,’ to which she replied, ‘Ew – no, you don’t … that’s pathetic.’ Siobhan continued, ‘I mean, I’m using you and you’re using me – there’s nothing wrong with a little transactional sex – or transactional anything and everything, for that matter.’

As she put her clothes back on, Kim as Siobhan said, ‘Same time Thursday?’ to which he said, ‘Leaving so soon?’ Siobhan Corbyn told him: ‘Some of us actually have real jobs – oh, by the way, I saw that interview you did with GQ Online. ‘And when they asked you how you came up with the plot of The Auteur and you said something like, “It just came to me,” you sound even f***ing stupider than you already are.

The Skims founder has received several accolades for her act as Siobhan Corbyn in the American Horror Story: Delicate but the sex scene in the latest raunchy episode had fans talking. ‘Don’t quote me but …. @KimKardashian kinda doing her thang in this new AHS lol,’ one user said, while another declared, ‘Kim Kardashian ATE in AHS.’

Another person said that ‘you’re just being a hater’ if you don’t give Kim ‘her props as an actress.’She is playing the f*** out of this role even if it may be an exaggerated version of herself,’ the user said. One user praised Kim’s appearance in the show, saying, ‘Petition to take off the smoothing filter on the Kardashians show bc @KimKardashian looks her age and so pretty in AHS!!!!’

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Another user said, ‘I’m Lovin’ her acting on this show! I see you, Kim.’ Some users appreciated the art imitates the nature of Kim’s role in relation to her family’s expertise in maintaining their images. ‘I’m getting Kris Jenner Her props for allowing Kim to use her likeness for show!!’ one user said, while another said, ‘Kim Kardashian playing a publicist in the new season of AHS is truly comical.’

One user alluded to the sex tape that played a pivotal part in launching the reality TV star’s celebrity: ‘There’s much better footage of Kim Kardashian having sex on the internet. Just ask Ray J!’ Are you following the new series? What do you think about the star’s performance? Tell us! ‘Let’s Talk.’

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