Blake Lively’s New Movie “It Ends With Us”: See Details

Sony Pictures stated that “It Ends With Us” will premiere on February 9, 2024, in a  press release.

Blake Lively’s New Movie “It Ends With Us”: See Details-TSZ NEWS
Blake Lively’s New Movie “It Ends With Us”: See Details

Blake Lively’s new movie “It Ends With Us” will premiere on February 9th, 2024. Non-movie lovers may find the date too far but lovers are bracing up for the long wait.

The movie stars Blake Lively, Justin Baldoni, and Atlas Corrigan. “It Ends with Us” is a film adaptation of Colleen Hoover‘s bestselling 2016 romance novel.

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We have been seeing many movie adaptations of popular novels. For example, Netflix’s “To All the Boys I have loved before” was adapted into 3 movies. Blake Lively’s new movie is so but owned by Sony.

Sony Pictures stated that “It Ends With Us” will premiere on February 9, 2024, in a  press release.

That means we have to wait for eight months before we get to see Blake Lively take on the role of Lily Bloom, the florist.

Lily finds herself in a complicated love triangle between doctor Ryle Kincaid and former flame Atlas Corrigan.

“It Ends with Us” features the story of Lily Bloom who has always known the life she wants but life pulls a twist when she meets neurosurgeon Ryle Kincaid and believes she may very well have found her soul mate.

Blake Lively’s character soon starts to question their relationship. To make things worse her high school love interest, Atlas comes back into the picture, putting her relationship with Ryle in jeopardy.

The film’s cast also includes Jenny Slate as Allysa, Ryle’s sister, and Lily’s best friend. Comedian Hasan Minhaj will also appear in the movie, though his role has not yet been publicly revealed.

Blake Lively will take on the role of Lily Bloom, the florist at the center of a love triangle. To get into character Blake dyed her signature blonde tresses red.

Justin Baldoni will portray Lily’s complicated doctor love interest and also direct the movie. 

Blake Lively, Justin, and Colleen will have a creative say as executive producers. Other producers include Alex Saks and Christy Hall who is writing the script, per a press release from Wayfarer Studios and Sony Pictures.

To get into character also, Justin chopped off his long hair to achieve Ryle’s clean-cut look and made other changes to look his part. 

He documented his haircut in an April 15 Instagram video, revealing he was donating his strands to Locks of Love.

Blake Lively’s character other love interest in the movie is Atlas Corrigan portrayed by Brandon Sklenar. He is Lily’s childhood friend and former flame who becomes a romantic rival for Ryle. 

Justin confirmed Brandon’s casting on Twitter on April 20, writing, “Ladies and gentleman… meet your #Atlas.

“After the news was announced, Brandon took to Instagram to share a heartfelt message about joining the movie.

“When this project came along I wasn’t aware of this book or the tremendous impact it has had on women all over the world in helping them to have the strength to change their lives,”

“This is something very personal to me. The amount of women I’ve known who have been victims of abuse is staggering.

We intend that this film continues to spread the vital message of this book; for women to feel empowered and men to be better. I’m honored to be a part of it.”

Although the character to play Blake Lively’s character as a little girl is yet to be revealed, we anticipate the movie.

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We all love romance and one spiced with a love triangle between two hot guys is a favorite.

We are eagerly waiting for February. Have you read the book? Do you think a movie adaptation is the correct move? Will you be watching the movie when it drops?

Tell us what you think! “Let’s Talk.”

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