About US

About TSZ

Out of a burning passion to create a site that will embody juicy entertainment stories for lovers of side talks and gossip as well, TSZ was established. The site concentrates on celebrity gossip, and we do not “just report”.

That means, we say everything that happened, how it all happened, and where it happened. For you not to appear on TSZ, you must not do anything that will attract attention because we will unapologetically tell-all either through text, photos or video.

Get it straight!

  • Do not ask why we published it, ask why the celebrity did it.
  • If you don’t want it on TSZ, then put the camera away while doing it.
  • We’re sick of having readers suggesting we mind our business and stop writing about celebrities. Hey! Just stop, writing about celebs is our damn business.
  • We’ll never fabricate a story that never happened just to get article about a celebrity rolling.

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